About Us

In celebration of folk art, creativity and joy, Pamela Kelly and Emma Carlow partnered to create Metio Studio. The idea underpinning the business is simple: have fun and make something. 

At Metio Studio the making is focused on trees of life inspired by the craft traditions of the world. Every culture has its own version of a tree of life -- a symbol embodying abundance, nature, fertility, renewal, joy, and celebration. They are often created to mark a seasonal celebration, a rite of passage or simply to be given as a gift. In many cases, the making of these objects is accomplished by small groups who are part of a community involved in, or sponsoring a celebration or ceremony. 

Perhaps in making a Metio Studio Tree of Life you, and your community, will have cause to celebrate.

A bit about us....

 Emma is on the left and Pamela is standing beside her

Pamela has deep experience in product design, brand development and licensing. She has worked with international brands such as The Body Shop and Smith & Hawken and developed products for major retailers. In 1998, she created the licensing program for four Santa Fe based museums, bringing artisan traditions of the world to commercial enterprise.

Emma Carlow is an artist, designer and maker whose love of Folk Art and the designs of Alexander Girard led her to the International Museum of Folk Art in Santa Fe, were she met Pamela Kelly and the idea of Metio Studio was born. 

Emma has always been a maker, but her fascination with folk art began when she learned that her heroes, Charles and Ray Eames and Alexander Girard all had collections of Folk Art and Folk Toys and were clearly influenced by it.